Damians Auto Service Basic Maintenence

Our Full Service Oil Change includes: (Servicing these fluids help prevent costly repairs)
Up to 5 Qts. of premium oil
Oil filter
Check & fill ALL fluids
Check & Inflate tires to proper tire pressure
Grease all fittings

We also offer replacement of:
Air filters
Fuel filters
Cabin filters
Belts & Hoses
Wiper Blades
Exterior lights

All basic maintenance can be done while you wait. Trucks, Vans & S.U.V.’s have additional fluids that need to be serviced regularly. 4-Wheel drive vehicles also have extra fluids that need to be serviced. Most over looked is the transmission. Transmission fluid & filter should be changed to help prevent costly major transmission repairs.


Damians Auto Service Brakes

From basic pad replacement to Major Brake repair, we can handle the job. We only use Top Quality Brake Pads, Shoes & Parts for superior stopping distance & long life. Both Semi-Metalic & Ceramic Pads are available here. Pads & Shoes come with a Lifetime part warranty.

ABS light on? ABS brake system & Traction Control systems are serviced here. From Diagnosis to repair, we have the tools to fix it right. Drum to Disc brake conversions or All Wheel Disc conversions available. Performance brakes also available.

Damians Auto Service Suspension and Steering

Shocks, Struts, Springs & mounts are serviced here. With top Quality replacement part we can replace those worn out suspension parts. Get that smooth ride back in your vehicle. We also service Air Ride suspension. Air Struts, Air Shocks, lines & pumps.

Steering parts should be inspected regularly. ball joints, tie-rods, swaybars & links all should be tight & free of noise. We use only top quality Napa steering parts. They come with a lifetime part warranty.

Want to LIFT or LOWER your ride? We can help. From Lowering kits to Lift kits, We can get the job done right!


Damians Auto Service Heating & AC

Under or Over charged A.C. systems will not cool properly & could damage your A.C. components. Air Conditioning service with are state-of-the-art A.C. machine properly evacuates & recharges your vehicles A.C. system back to its proper operation. We can find & repair your A.C. leaks. From large leaks to Very small leaks, our black light leak dye will trace them down so we can repair them.

Heating your vehicle properly is a must also. A properly working Heating system keeps your windows defrosted & keeps you warm. Our Staff can repair your heating system, blower & selector. Single or Duel, Front & Rear climate controls can also be serviced & repaired  here.

Damians Auto Service Electrical Diagnosis & Repair

We can Service all your Electrical needs from Power Windows, Mirrors & Locks to Headlight, Brake lights & Turn signals. From a Blown Fuse to Electrical shorts, we have the tools and knowledge to find & fix the problem. Batteries, Alternators & Starters are all serviced here. Batteries can be replaced while you wait. For all you electrical needs our state-of-the-art Diagnosis tools & equipment are all computer safe. All electrical systems are serviced with the proper connections & repair procedures.


Damians Auto Service Alignment

Wheel Alignment
Damian’s Auto Service specializes in the care of your vehicle’s wheel alignment. Our state-of-the-art alignment machine, tire machine and wheel balancer are sure to keep your vehicle going straight and most importantly, safe. With the poor condition of Michigan roads, wheel alignments can be knocked out with a simple hit of one pothole, hitting a curb, or just go out of alignment from mileage and suspension wear.  By maintaining proper wheel alignment you can save more on fuel, keep control of your vehicle during year round weather conditions, and saves on tire wear.

Damians Auto Service Tire Service
Tire Rotation/Balance
Keeping your tires balanced and rotated will extend the life of your tire. We service and maintain vehicles for tire balance, general repair or replacement of tires. We carry a wide variety of name brand tires to fit any vehicle. From all season tires, snow tires and performance tires, we have what you need. We are competitively priced with the major tire stores.
Damian’s Auto Service services all of your tire monitoring needs. We have the tools and training to perform General system resets, tire sensor replacement and advanced reprogramming/calibrating of the systems, to make sure low pressure in your tires is never an issue. With today’s aluminum wheels, slow leaks can be a major problem. We stop those pesky slow leaks so that your tires stay properly inflated.
Have a bent wheel? Steel or aluminum, OEM or aftermarket. We can replace it. Damian’s Auto Service also specializes in custom wheels and plus size tire installations.